Hours: 6:30am - 5:30pm



All staff at Pure Play Child Care Centre have been subject to a criminal record check and must hold a current first aid certificate. In addition, they must hold the appropriate certification in Early Childhood Education to maintain the combination of staff required for group child care or preschool.

All staff conduct programs according to BC’s Child Care Licensing Regulationstandards outlined by the Fraser Health Authority, and the Early Childhood Educators of BC Code of Ethics.

The following strategies will be used by staff in guiding children’s behaviors:

  • Model appropriate and respectful behaviors
  • Form trusting and positive relationships with each child
  • Set reasonable limits and be consistent
  • Give non-verbal and verbal cues
  • Offer choices for children to self-regulate emotions/behavior
  • Look at meeting the child’s needs for the cause of inappropriate behavior and respond respectfully


When inappropriate or undesired behavior occurs, staff will use child appropriate measures:

  • Give a non-verbal or verbal cue/warning
  • Restate limits/boundaries
  • Redirect to a different activity or area of the room
  • Use problem solving strategies/acknowledge child’s feelings
  • Allow natural consequences
  • Provide children the opportunity to make amends
  • If child presents a danger to themselves or others, they will be removed from the group to safe area inside to calm


Staff will NOT:

  • Use corporal punishment
  • Deprive child of use of the washroom or meals as form of discipline
  • Use degrading treatment whether emotional, verbal or physical
  • Confine a child within in a locked space/room etc.
  • Use physical restraints (unless outlined in a specific child’s Care Plan for behavior guidance)


For complete details on all policies, please read the applicable Parent Handbook.